Thursday, June 3, 2010

Final Blogging challenge

In total I have 38 posts on my blogger. All of my posts were either school based or something to do withg my own interests. I didn't receive any comments on my posts from classmates or other people. I think one reason of no comments is because everyone just worries about doing their posts instead of commenting.
I enjoyed writing alot of my blogs, but some more than others. I especially liked writing the post about what you like doing in your freetime. I liked that post because in my freetime I like to fish, hunt and go 4-wheeling. Yes I changed my blog themes a couple times because I like it to have my favorites on my home page. Like for example I changed it to have arctic cat symbols and sayings on my main page.
I have a couple widgets that have to do with my hobbies. I think I have enough because I have one for my most favorite thing of all. and that's arctic cat. If I was going to have another widget or animation it would have to be about fishing in general.
After observing another persons blog, I leraned alot from this. My first impression was pretty much the same as I like on my blogs. I noticed he liked summer and blogging about summer the most. I like blogging the most about summer and what things I do during the summer, just like most people do. One thing that captured my attention on this blog was the fact that he dont want to start blogging again next year. If I had a option to either blog or do other in class activities, I would choose to do the blogging. In his blog there was really nothing that distracted me, because everything he wrote about I kind of liked.

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