Thursday, June 3, 2010

Final Blogging challenge

In total I have 38 posts on my blogger. All of my posts were either school based or something to do withg my own interests. I didn't receive any comments on my posts from classmates or other people. I think one reason of no comments is because everyone just worries about doing their posts instead of commenting.
I enjoyed writing alot of my blogs, but some more than others. I especially liked writing the post about what you like doing in your freetime. I liked that post because in my freetime I like to fish, hunt and go 4-wheeling. Yes I changed my blog themes a couple times because I like it to have my favorites on my home page. Like for example I changed it to have arctic cat symbols and sayings on my main page.
I have a couple widgets that have to do with my hobbies. I think I have enough because I have one for my most favorite thing of all. and that's arctic cat. If I was going to have another widget or animation it would have to be about fishing in general.
After observing another persons blog, I leraned alot from this. My first impression was pretty much the same as I like on my blogs. I noticed he liked summer and blogging about summer the most. I like blogging the most about summer and what things I do during the summer, just like most people do. One thing that captured my attention on this blog was the fact that he dont want to start blogging again next year. If I had a option to either blog or do other in class activities, I would choose to do the blogging. In his blog there was really nothing that distracted me, because everything he wrote about I kind of liked.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cell Phones

We are looking at a diagram that shows how teens from the ages of 12-17 use their cell phones daily. One thing that is odd about this diagram is the fact that 25% of teens don't even own a cell phone. I don't really believe this because it seems like everybody these days has one. The fact that I do believe is the text messaging statement. It says that 72% of teens are text messagers, and that 33% of teens send more than 100 texts per day. I think that texting friends is a good way to communicate aslong as everything is appropiate. There are times when a cell phone can get you into trouble though, like using it in school. Also if you are using it to send people mean and annoying messages, it can get you into trouble.

Friday, April 23, 2010

5 really awesome bloggers

There's lots of good bloggers out there and here's just a couple that I thought were good.

First of all one person talked about fishing and how he knows how to fish and thats what he does on his freetime.

Kyle- he likes to go racing on the weelends and that's what he spends mnost of his time doing
Jared- likes chevy trucks and likes arctic cat snowmobiles

Kyle Gomm- kyle likes to play sports in his freetime, especially basketball and football
Lance-likes to play sports and does that on his freetime.

Friday, April 9, 2010

common license

I think we should have a commons license for our blog because is matters what happends to your blog. If you got a commons ;icense you can say that everything you put on your blog is yours.
I'm doing this as part of this blogging challenge.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We are reading the book "Animal Farm" in english class and we had towatch movies relating to the book. I think this clip is a good one in relevance to the book.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Environment chalenge

There is lots of things that I do at both home and school to help protect the environment. One thing that I do at home is conserving the amount of water that I use as much as possible. When you use more water inside the house our tanks get full much quicker and then they have to be pumped out sooner. One other thing that I do is not to litter outdoors. Most people that drive around in the country just throw garbage out the window and that's one thing I don't do. One way to protect the environment at school is to recycle our plastic more. Everybody just throws their plastic in the garbage and we have to learn how to recycle it more.
I'm doing this as a part of the blogging challenge.

Monday, March 15, 2010

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This is my character from the book "Animal Farm" . This is the pig that's named Squeeler. The bubble that says squeek squeek is that because he is a brilliant talker.